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Being the Perfect Tourist

How To Prepare For Your Holiday Safari

by Jose Reid

Holidays are the perfect time for family safaris. A well-planned safari will bring lasting memories. In the extract below, you will learn how to prepare for a safari. 

Choose Your Destination

What do you want to see? Typical safaris involve game drives in the wild. However, you would also want to camp or enjoy the beach. Besides, you could combine the safari with a long drive through the beautiful countryside. It is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family.  

You could also opt for an overseas safari on a different continent. If this is the case, conduct some research to determine the best destinations. Travel blogs and social media can be an essential source of such information. Some of your considerations should be the country's economic and political stability, the weather, and the hospitality of the native people. 

Costs and Booking

How much will the safari cost? Cut costs by booking your accommodations a few months in advance. You could opt for homestays or rent an apartment to save on accommodation. Check the hotel's booking and cancellation policy. If you will travel by road, service your vehicle to prevent breakdowns.

Safari Packing List

Below are some safari essentials: 

  1. A camera to document your adventures. Do not forget the charger and extra batteries. Binoculars will come in handy during game drives.
  2. If you will travel by road, carry an emergency kit comprising a first aid box, torch, recovery tracks and a map.
  3. Appropriate clothing. For example, bring boots if you intend to hike and sunscreen if you will be by the beach.
  4. An extra bag to carry items you might purchase along the way.
  5. If you plan to travel overseas, have your documents in order. Preferably, work with an experienced immigration agent. 

Travel Insurance and Itinerary

Travel insurance is a policy that covers medical expenses, rental car damage, lost luggage and cancellations. Read the insurance company's terms and conditions. Preferably, the company should have an easy compensation procedure. 

Your safari itinerary should comprise your travel dates, the hotels you will stay at, the places you intend to visit and emergency contacts. Leave the itinerary with a close friend or relative. It will help them locate you in case of an emergency.

Do not forget to document your safari by uploading beautiful pictures on social media. Besides, you could open a blog or contribute to reputable travel blogs.

Preparing for your holiday safari is now easy with the above tips. Choose a suitable destination, book early to save on costs, pack your safari essentials, and take a travel insurance cover. 

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