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This is my blog which will explore how to be the perfect tourist and how to have a really great holiday. We don't work in the tourism industry but we do love to travel. We have spent a very long time compiling our best tips and tricks and we look forward to sharing them with you. Here, you can find out more about planning your trip, packing for a long journey, and how to get the most from a sightseeing tour. Thank you so much for taking the time to check out this blog, we hope you enjoy reading what you find here.



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Being the Perfect Tourist


How To Prepare For Your Holiday Safari

Holidays are the perfect time for family safaris. A well-planned safari will bring lasting memories. In the extract below, you will learn how to prepare for a safari.  Choose Your Destination What do you want to see? Typical safaris involve game drives in the wild. However, you would also want to camp or enjoy the beach. Besides, you could combine the safari with a long drive through the beautiful countryside. It is the perfect opportunity to bond with your family.